Day 247 – Another way altogether of practicing curiosity

True to form I have been emphasizing the practice of curiosity in intellectual and interpersonal arenas. Today I realized I have really neglected the more physical arena, where we DO something different from what we usually do and do this openly and with curiosity.

Today I did something for the first time and practiced curiosity (was open and did not try to influence the outcome overly)–I participated in a photo shoot. One of the organizations I am a member of was looking for volunteers so that they could update the photos on their webpage. I volunteered and spent an hour this morning holding poses and looking where I was told to look and trying to look natural while I did this. People who can do all that well are artists, I’ve concluded.

I don’t know if I’ll be chosen to appear on the website, but at least I got to try out something new and different. Curiosity practice. 🙂


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