Day 256 – More music and curiosity

I’m mentally preparing myself for the opera tonight (Saturday night). I have bought a ticket to “Rosenkavalier” Live from the Met–one of the farewell performances for Renée Fleming in the role of the Marschallin. I’ve always had trouble with “Rosenkavalier”. I like the story. Usually I like the music of Richard Strauss. But I find this opera long and at times just plain old boring, even if the music is voluptuous and beautiful; and I feel this way in spite of the fact it is billed as a comedy.

This evening I want to listen openly and with curiosity and enjoy the opera.

I’ll write an update tomorrow.

P.S. I felt a little better reading a story–possibly apochryphal–that Strauss conducted “Rosenkavalier” at the State Opera in Vienna and was overheard to remark that it was an awfully long opera. According to the story, the concert master said in rather shocked tones “But, Maestro, you composed it yourself!” whereupon Strauss said sadly, “I know, but I never thought I would have to conduct it.” 😉


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