Day 259 – Keeping an open mind

One thing I find hard is keeping an open mind when someone proposes a workshop plan or timetable that doesn’t immediately make sense to me. I have a lot of experience myself, I have worked with a lot of different people and organizations so I have experienced many different ways of doing things, and I can usually make sense of someone else’s plan.

This afternoon I talked with a client whose draft plan didn’t look good to me. There were too many what I would call basic pedagogical weaknesses in it. (For example, it opened with 35 minutes of people talking from the front of the seminar room.) Still, in the interest of practicing curiosity I asked about the thoughts behind the timetable. And, as always, I learned something. Perhaps the main thing I learned was to respect other people’s approaches and assume there is a rationale behind their recommendations. We did break up those 35 minutes, but we kept other things and together put together a good plan.

One thing that helped? I knew the person was a well-trained and experienced trainer so I could make that last assumption–that there was a rationale behind the proposals–with some confidence.


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