Day 283 – Again on our morning walk

Our morning walk seems to be becoming a good place for me to practice curiosity. I should perhaps first mention that my dog has the ability to express more nuanced feelings than any of the animals who have shared their lives with me before. When he is outdoors he often has a macho walk that is quite impressive in such a small dog (he weighs only 5 kgs or 11 lbs) and also is almost funny to watch. At home he can look like a complete cupcake. In the kitchen he does the best imitation of a dog who never gets anything to eat I have ever seen.

This morning I suddenly wondered what it would be like to be him, with his little macho walk. Now, I’ve tried out exploring the way he sniffs and checks things out and written about that here, but I’ve never really thought about how he experiences our walks and his world. Today I wanted to get a sense of that by trying to copy his strut.

There were a few moments when I thought I was getting it right, and it was really fun to feel that masculine pride and confidence. It will need some practice, though. The moments were very brief.

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