Day 293 – How being curious about one thing can block you from being curious about another

This morning on our dogwalk I saw another dog person whom I hadn’t seen in ages. From across the park she started waving her arms at me. I waved back. Then she became more agitated and was clearly trying to communicate something more to me than a simple “Good morning!” I was–with great curiosity ;-)–trying to figure out what she was trying to say and was focused on her to the extent that I did not see the police officer hiding in the bushes, waiting apparently for dog walkers who did not have their dogs on the leash.

Luckily, I did figure out in time that what she was mouthing was “Police!” and I was able to get my dog onto the leash before there was a fine to pay. What I discovered this morning was that when you focus all your curiosity on one point, it is easy to overlook something else.

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