Day 295 – Trying to stay open

I was at a concert this evening, thanks to the generosity of a friend who couldn’t use her ticket. It had a lot of the right ingredients to transport me but didn’t, and, yes, I feel that is partly the fault of the singer–from the song choices on the first half of the program, to the almost total lack of diction, to her scooping and singing flat quite a bit of the time.

Ordinarily, I become incredibly judgmental, especially because she is world famous and singing on the greatest stages of the world. This time, because it is the Year of Living Curiously, I tried to turn that around. I told myself that she is world famous so there must be a reason, and I listened and watched to see if I could find the reason. Honestly, while the second half of the program suited her and her voice much better, I couldn’t figure it out. This approach felt different though. It felt as if I had been fair and as if I could try again, recognizing that perhaps she was having a bad night or is better on the opera stage. I won’t go out of my way to hear her again, but I won’t go out of my way to not hear her again either.


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