Day 335 – And she’s back!

This morning, with my to-do list more or less done, I took a closer look at the signs I’ve been seeing all week. They’re for The 5th Annual Conference of Nitrification and Related Processes (link below). My natural curiosity, freed from the tyranny of my to-do list, inspired me to look into that a bit.

I found out that nitrification is “the biological oxidation of ammonia or ammonium to nitrite followed by the oxidation of the nitrite to nitrate” and that it is not to be confused with nitration (thank you, Wikipedia).

Upon checking the conference website, I was amused to see an improbably beautiful photo of the Belvedere (the Belvedere is beautiful but not THAT beautiful) with the disclaimer “Not the conference venue.” I was further interested to see that the program listed names and university affiliations, but I couldn’t find the titles of the presentations.

It’s nice to know that my curiosity can recover so quickly.

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