Day 342 – Curiosity about a (my) curiosity blog

A friend of mine, who regularly reads my blog, said, “You do realize that after all this you need a really spectacular finish, right?” No pressure there. 😉

In fact, I had already made a list of the topics I want to cover in the last week or so of this blog, which will end–all being well–on schedule on 31 August 2017. As this date approaches and now that I am on vacation, I am gearing up for that. Since I still work better with hard copy, this includes printing out all my posts so far so that I can review them, make some small tweaks (to categories and tags and so on), and draw some conclusions. I notice that I am feeling quite curious about what will come out for me. Although it’s only been not quite a year, some of what I have seen so far feels like it was written a long time ago.


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