Day 353 – What was I curious about today?

I’m a bit stuck today. It’s a rainy day and I’ve been doing the usual end-of-week pulling together of and following up on the different projects I’ve been working on. Being stuck, I asked my mother what I should write about, what she would like to know about curiosity. She proposed the subject: What was I curious about today?

That’s a good question. Here goes:

  • The fragments of what I was dreaming when I woke up and what message that might have for me
  • What was causing the drawer on my mother’s desk to stick and how to open it
  • How my warmed up coffee from yesterday would taste (not too bad, amazingly)
  • How to create a thread running through the course outline someone else designed and I have to deliver even though I am plagued by questions such as “Why did they put that subject in there?” or rejections such as “Do we really have to cover the topic of giving feedback again???”

It seems a small list for the better part of a day, but at least I was able to identify some moments when I felt the prick or pull that lets me know I’m being tempted into curiosity.


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