Day 364 – What I have learned

All along the way, people have asked me if writing this blog is worth it and want to know what I’ve learned or what I’m getting out of it. Here are some answers:

  • Yes, it’s definitely been worth it. There have been times when I was really busy and it was very hard to write something, but I am glad I stuck with it.
  • One reason I’m glad is that I am simply proud of myself for carrying through. It’s very easy for me to get distracted by the next shiny idea, but I stuck with this and feel good about that.
  • I’m also proud that I overcame my perfectionism (the desire for the perfect so often stands in the way of the good in my life) and simply wrote. Many many times I would have liked to go deeper, do a more comprehensive look into an aspect of curiosity, find the perfect graphic to illustrate something, or simply find the perfect turn of phrase. I could have let that keep me from posting anything, but I didn’t. I got out there and posted anyway. This is a lesson I need to learn, and writing this blog every day was a little like boot camp.
  • Although I haven’t made as much progress this year in actually living with curiosity as I would have liked, I have learned new ways and created new patterns for practicing. These will stand me in good stead in the future, I know.
  • Especially in the last month or so I feel as if the project is gaining some momentum. Engaging with people and situations with greater curiosity does seem to be becoming more natural.
  • Not only do I have new ideas about things I can be curious about (132 mentions of this category, after all), I also have ideas about different kinds of curiosity I didn’t have before, a list of exercises I can practice to keep my hand in, and a kind of action plan.
  • I also have a greater store of images as to how curiosity can be lived and how it can feel. Just one example here.
  • For the most part, it’s been fun. I’ve really enjoying thinking about, analyzing, and writing about things–and, above all, pushing myself to practice. It has been an enriching hobby this year.
  • I’ve had conversations and connected with people—not least those dear people who read my blog—in ways I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t worked on this blog. (More about that tomorrow.)

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