Day 365 – Last Day

I have only one more thing to say at the end of this Year of Living Curiously, and that is: THANK YOU!

Thank you to those faithful readers, friends and strangers alike, who have been following this blog. It was wonderful and motivating for me to feel your presence and support. There are a few people who read it every day. To these people I want to offer special thanks. I feel you should get a medal for tenacity and true friendship!

Among those readers there are people who:

  • Gave me a CD
  • Sent me a book
  • Took a photo of a window display with a great curiosity quotation
  • Sent me their favorite curiosity quotations
  • Liked
  • Commented (either in person, by e-mail, or online)
  • Challenged
  • Asked how it was going
  • Encouraged
  • Checked in with me when I wrote about feeling overwhelmed or worried

I have already thanked most of you at least once, but THANK YOU AGAIN!!!


One thought on “Day 365 – Last Day

  1. Andrea

    Thanks for taking me along on this journey of curiosity. Thanks for inspiring me with your honest records of things happening or not happening, and also thanks for a little typo every now and then, proving that perfectionism is highly valued but sometimes excellent is perfect enough 😉 Congrats on 365 days of postings! I wish you all the curiosity you may find helpful in your day-to-day life! Where will you keep us informed now?

    Liked by 1 person


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