For over 10 years I have carried a piece of A4 paper with me in my briefcase with one word written on it: CURIOSITY. I scribbled this in a moment of insight when I realized that practicing greater curiosity in my interactions with people and events around me has the potential to greatly increase the quality of those interactions and of my life. Over 10 years later I’m not satisfied with my progress (in some things I’m a slow learner ;-)) so I have started this blog to inspire me and hold me accountable in my curiosity practice.

I’ll be making a point of learning about and practicing curiosity–and writing about what I discover–every day for the coming year.

This blog is for all who feel the way I do–that in the rush and pressure of life, we often neglect to be open to and curious about new ideas, other ways of doing things, and people who are different from us, and that our lives (also our communal lives) could be richer and possibly more peaceful if we found a way to do that more often. Perhaps this site can even become a community of practice for people wanting to actively build their ability to live curiosity. Wouldn’t that be lovely!


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