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Day 344 – Stressing out (so no curiosity)

Why am I stressing out on vacation? Because I am experiencing a number of technical uncertainties at the moment (too long to go into). My great fear (a big curiosity killer) is damaging my computer irreparably and losing all my data. At the same time, everything seems to be working so slowly while we finally have perfect summer weather and I want to be outdoors (so performance and time pressure, also curiosity killers). Why am I even on my computer on my vacation? Because a client sent something back for revisions the day I was leaving. We agreed on an August 14 deadline, but I decided to get it done now so that I can stop thinking about it. Ick! Still, I have now sent it off and shall hope for better conditions and more curiosity tomorrow.

Day 268 – Revisiting a workshop

Yesterday was a holiday, as I mentioned, and I did very little. (It was great.) At the same time, I have to say I did not do nothing. The workshop I ran on Wednesday went well, and I think a number of factors contributed to that, but there were still a few points I thought could have been better designed for this particular group and this particular occasion. Yesterday I found myself being drawn into a reflection on what else I could have done. Something like that is, for me, always connected with curiosity because it means thinking of various alternatives and trying to be creative about those and then imagining what would have fit the particular situation better. I did end up with an outcome, but the process–and motivation–definitely started with curiosity.