Day 265 – Comparison as a starting point for curiosity

I hardly ever have occasion to go into Vienna’s First District during the week. Most of my clients have moved their offices to other parts of town, where the property costs less and people–employees and customers–can park. This means my experience is limited to the weekend.

What is different during the week? This morning I had cause to go into the Graben to meet a client and had a chance to explore. First of all, there is a lot more traffic–cars, trucks, and busses. (The bicycles and scooters are always around.)  Not only are the streets different, but the sidewalk cafés and restaurants are filled with a different clientele. Depending on the price range, they are either formally suited office workers or workers in blue or orange uniforms. The feel is different, too. Instead of people sipping coffee over the newspaper the customers are clearly in something of a hurry. In other words, a perfectly normal scene for a workday.

Day 264 – A different route

Today we didn’t take an entirely new route on our dogwalk, but we did take a route we haven’t taken in ages, simply because I was tired of the old one.

My dog certainly found lots of new stuff to sniff at, and I made the unhappy discovery that I am not as fit as I thought I was. (Today’s route goes quite steeply uphill.) A benefit of curiosity? 😉

Day 262 – Remembering to explore more deeply

This afternoon I caught myself accepting an answer from a student that was rather superficial. I backed up and asked a few questions to understand better what he meant. The interesting thing is that I think we both benefited from going deeper. He had to clarify his thinking and I understood better what he meant.