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Day  289 – Leaving the map at home

Today was a holiday in Austria, and my dog and I went on a relatively long hike (a bit over 12 kms). What was special today was that it is in a part of town we almost never go to, an hour away from home. I also only briefly consulted the map at home and then followed the trail markers, which certainly at the beginning of the trail only showed up when we had to change direction. It was a little like practicing River or existential curiosity. We walked along without trying to control every step of the way, only responding to signposts as they turned up. A little practice,  at least. 

Day 282 – Breathing in the morning air


I’m not practicing much curiosity at the moment, as I think I have made clear over the last few days. 😉 This morning, though, I did manage—at least for a bit—to intentionally open up, pull myself out of my head, and pay attention to what was happening on our morning walk without judging or thinking too much. At least that is a little bit of success.

Day 247 – Another way altogether of practicing curiosity

True to form I have been emphasizing the practice of curiosity in intellectual and interpersonal arenas. Today I realized I have really neglected the more physical arena, where we DO something different from what we usually do and do this openly and with curiosity.

Today I did something for the first time and practiced curiosity (was open and did not try to influence the outcome overly)–I participated in a photo shoot. One of the organizations I am a member of was looking for volunteers so that they could update the photos on their webpage. I volunteered and spent an hour this morning holding poses and looking where I was told to look and trying to look natural while I did this. People who can do all that well are artists, I’ve concluded.

I don’t know if I’ll be chosen to appear on the website, but at least I got to try out something new and different. Curiosity practice. 🙂