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Day 365 – Last Day

I have only one more thing to say at the end of this Year of Living Curiously, and that is: THANK YOU!

Thank you to those faithful readers, friends and strangers alike, who have been following this blog. It was wonderful and motivating for me to feel your presence and support. There are a few people who read it every day. To these people I want to offer special thanks. I feel you should get a medal for tenacity and true friendship!

Among those readers there are people who:

  • Gave me a CD
  • Sent me a book
  • Took a photo of a window display with a great curiosity quotation
  • Sent me their favorite curiosity quotations
  • Liked
  • Commented (either in person, by e-mail, or online)
  • Challenged
  • Asked how it was going
  • Encouraged
  • Checked in with me when I wrote about feeling overwhelmed or worried

I have already thanked most of you at least once, but THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

Day 363 – Statistics

Today I just want to take a quick look at some statistics as provided by WordPress.

Again, I have to mention that I have not finished updating categories and tags (have checked through Day 242), so the numbers are not entirely accurate—but then you already know that I wasn’t spectacularly consistent in using the categories and tags so such an analysis only gives a basic idea of trends anyway.

Total views: So far there have been 2,176 views. 🙂 Thank you!!!

Most viewed post overall: 1 September 2016 with 20 views (This is not surprising as it was the first day and I had sent out an e-mail announcing the start of my blog.)

So far, the category I have used the most is: Things to be curious about (132 times)

The category I have used the least is (sadly for me): Going deeper (7 times)

The tag I used the most is: Interpersonal curiosity (a stunning, for me, 55 times)

The tag I used the least is: Actually there are a number of tags that were only used once, so I couldn’t really say.

For myself, I did also want to record the days when I just checked in but didn’t post anything about curiosity. I kept track of this with the tag “Taking a break,” which has come up five times so far. I think there will be at least twice that number by the time I’m done checking tags. From May on I was pretty overwhelmed by work, which was the main cause of my just checking in.

And that’s it for the “statistics”.

Day 312 – Just checking in

Yesterday evening I simply forgot to post and schedule for today. I put it down to the relief of finishing the week and completing and handing in all the stuff I had to do. That and the heat, which is getting pretty uncomfortable. And I’m sure the really nice lunch at a friend’s house with a couple of glasses of wine played a part. Tomorrow morning you’ll find a post as usual. 🙂

Day 282 – Breathing in the morning air

I’m not practicing much curiosity at the moment, as I think I have made clear over the last few days. 😉 This morning, though, I did manage—at least for a bit—to intentionally open up, pull myself out of my head, and pay attention to what was happening on our morning walk without judging or thinking too much. At least that is a little bit of success.

Day 279 – An anti-curiosity joke

I was just trying to help two Italian tourists understand why the Votivkirche in Vienna was built, and came up against my limitations in that language. (They didn’t speak English or German.) How do you say “emperor” in Italian? And “kill”? (Oddly enough–or perhaps not so given my operatic background–I know how to say “die” but not “kill”.) My (unsuccessful) gyrations reminded me of a joke about speaking foreign languages.

A man was hiking in the Austrian alps. He came across a couple of old guys sunning themselves at an alpine hut. The hiker needed directions so he asked, “Do you speak English?” The old mountain men shook their heads. “Parlez vous français?” Shake. “Parla italiano?” Shake. “Habla español?” Shake. In desperation the hiker made one last attempt. “Nihongo-o dekimasuka?” Shake. Dispirited, the hiker moved on. One of the old guys said (in German), “Maybe we should learn a foreign language after all” whereupon the other replied (also in German), “Why? It didn’t help him any.” 😉