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Day 333 – Doing something creative

I forgot yesterday to schedule a post for today. That’s because I was wrapped up in trying to create a team-building activity to someone else’s specifications. I mention this because, although it didn’t involve curiosity, it did involve creativity, which in this case meant living like a river. I planted the seed of an idea last night and waited to see what would sprout. Lo, and behold, at 5 o’clock this morning I had an idea. There’s something to this living like a river thing. 

Day 312 – Just checking in

Yesterday evening I simply forgot to post and schedule for today. I put it down to the relief of finishing the week and completing and handing in all the stuff I had to do. That and the heat, which is getting pretty uncomfortable. And I’m sure the really nice lunch at a friend’s house with a couple of glasses of wine played a part. Tomorrow morning you’ll find a post as usual. 🙂

Day 282 – Breathing in the morning air


I’m not practicing much curiosity at the moment, as I think I have made clear over the last few days. 😉 This morning, though, I did manage—at least for a bit—to intentionally open up, pull myself out of my head, and pay attention to what was happening on our morning walk without judging or thinking too much. At least that is a little bit of success.